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CCC Alumni
Are you an alumni of Cass Career Center?  Or do you have a friend or family member who is?  
Cass Career Center is working to create an alumni database through an online survey.
The information will allow the school to provide updates and news to alumni and offer them opportunities to reconnect with the school through guest speaking, field trip, and advisory committee opportunities. 
Requested information on the survey includes graduation year, CCC program(s), sending school, interest level, and email address. To complete the survey, go to 


Dear Parent or Guardian:

When your child enters the job market or attends post-secondary education after high school he/she will find that only the most highly qualified graduates stand out. Recent trends indicate employers and colleges will demand higher levels of competence in the areas of academics and skills. A carefully planned high school program incorporating academics with real world abilities will be essential to the future success of today’s high school students.

Many members of the student body will choose to continue their education beyond high school while some will choose to enter directly into employment. Regardless of which path they select, students will discover competition for both jobs and college acceptance has increased. The best opportunity for acceptance by the school or employer of their choice is successful completion of a strong, well-planned technical program in high school.

Cass Career Center offers complete technical programs to help your child meet society’s competitive demands. The school cannot do it all, however. Your interest, support, involvement, and parental guidance have never been more important as they will be over the next few years.

You can begin your involvement by reviewing the accompanying material and emphasizing to your child the importance of his or her high school years. Working together, we can make certain that the students of Cass Career Center are prepared for the challenges they will face as they graduate high school.


Gina L. Smith, Director


Cass Career Center
1600 E Elm
Harrisonville, MO
(816) 380-3253

Classes are available for Juniors and Seniors at the Cass Career Center. Limited space is available and application must be made through the counselors at the High School


Programs are available in: Allied Health
Health Occupations
Fire Science/EMT
Business Technology
Computer Aided Drafting
Building Trades.