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Dear PHHS Students and Parents:

High School Geometry classes are currently studying Graph Theory.  Mrs. Case's classes explored the Bridges of Konigsburg problem, which is a classic math problem originally solved by Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler in 1735.  In the problem the townspeople are trying to walk on each of the town's bridges exactly once.  The geometry students proved that it was impossible to cross every bridge once and then concluded to "fix" the problem that one bridge would need to be removed.  Students explored options for bridge removal and discovered that by removing one bridge they had created an Eulerian Path and that by removing two bridges they could create an Eulerian Circuit.  After students explored the problem on a scaled replica created with a tarp and duct tape they then practiced determining other networks using pencil and paper.  Students ended the hour by discussing real life uses for graph theory including snow removal crews route plan and driving routes for vacation.

In our current unit the students are studying the Periodic Table of the Elements, and learning how different elements combine to form chemical compounds.  They are learning how to determine the chemical formulas for these compounds, along with the chemical and physical properties that result.  They put this information to use by using molecular model kits to construct the different molecules for each compound.  They also used a computer simulation to construct molecules and determine such properties as molecular mass and reactivity of each compound.  The students reviewed for the test over this material using an on-line classroom quiz (Kahoots) and their smart phones to compete against the other Physical Science classes.


Paul Canaan , Ed.D
Principal, Pleasant Hill High School

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May 16-20: District Baseball
May 26 - June 19: Summer School

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