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Dear PHHS Students and Parents:

Author Amy Engel (Book of Ivy) spoke with over 200 PHHS students on Friday, 2/27. The author’s visit was promoted through the library and students signed up for the in-school field trip through their Language Arts teacher.
Ms. Engel talked about her journey to becoming a writer, including her time spent as a prosecuting attorney. She talked about the perseverance required to become a published author, and how she had written other books that were still unpublished. Students got to hear firsthand how she goes about writing a book and the process of edits and rewrites that are so necessary to perfect a piece of writing. Ms. Engel encouraged students to write every day, as the practice of writing makes them better writers. She graciously invited students to ask questions about writing, reading, or other general questions. The students took full advantage of the Q&A session, asking questions about publishing, writing, careers, and reading.
After the session, a small group stayed behind to get more in-depth questions answered.
Student feedback from the author’s visit was very positive, we hope to offer more opportunities like this in the future.

World language students are demonstrating several translations in their classes. Spanish I students are using flash cards to demonstrate the translation for "to go up".  Spanish II students are learning past tense of multiple verbs.  While, French I students are presenting their work on the board that translates "to have". 

Geometry classes at the high school investigated arc length and area of a sector on Friday, March 5th, by analyzing pieces of cookie cake.  Students gained understanding in using degree measure and total angle measure of a circle to calculate areas of parts of a circle.  The lesson concluded with each student calculating the area of their portion of cookie cake and the length of the icing around the edge.  The use of cookie cake enabled students to visualize the mathematics they were learning and created an engaging environment in which to learn.

The band will be taking 75 students to Florida on March 12-16 to perform in a national competition at Universal Studios. Students will also have the chance to explore Sea World, Universal Studios and the Blue Man Group.  

Earlier this week students in Mrs. Coleman’s Interior Design class took a short field trip to downtown Pleasant Hill to tour the train depot. The student’s have been given the opportunity to work on the newest project of the Pleasant Hill Community Betterment Committee. The plan is to update the reception area where the Chamber of Commerce office is; and to come up with designs to remodel another room of the historical train depot. The new area is planned to be used to showcase local businesses and artist in Pleasant Hill.  
Mr. Randy Miller the Community Development Director for the city, and Mr. Mark Randall the City Administrator, met the student’s at the depot and highlighted what they are looking for in the remodel. Mr. Randall supplied copies of the floor plans of each area for the student’s to begin their planning. At a later date the student’s will present 2 or 3 different plans for the Committee to choose from.
FaCS I student’s have just wrapped up a unit on Interior Design. The student’s were given a budget and the floor plan of a studio apartment that they had to decorate. Choosing furnishings for the apartment was just one of the tasks they were given. Also included in the lesson, they were to decide if they wanted to refinish the hardwood flooring, or carpet the living area. They had to choose all furnishings, paint, flooring, decor, lighting, window coverings and curtains, all within budget. The last work day in class, student’s walked around and looked at all the design boards, they were to write one thing they liked, and one thing they would change, on a post-it-note and place on each of the boards. Many students were overheard commenting about things they wished they had thought of for their design.  
Mrs. Coleman’s Art I student’s have been busy learning about the Element’s and Principle’s of Design; they recently finished learning about Radial Balance. Each student completed three different kinds of Radial Balance. Two of the projects were done in colored pencil and graphite pencil. The third project was completed with construction paper that was folded using several different Origami folds, that showed a relief design.  Ceramics student’s have been pushing clay all year, and many have become quite proficient with their work. Clay can be a very challenging medium to work with, breakage from drying too fast, dampness or air pockets in a clay piece can cause it to explode in the kiln. Glazing can also be unpredictable, due to chemical changes in the firing process, what you put on doesn’t look the same out of the bottle as it does out of the kiln.

Paul Canaan , Ed.D
Principal, Pleasant Hill High School

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