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A note from the principal...

Pleasant Hill Primary School’s motto is, “Today is a great day to learn something new!”  We believe that children come to us with innate curiosity and a need for self-expression, and we take pride in our opportunities to encourage and develop a love of learning in every child.

The Primary School welcomes new staff members Samantha Choi Baldwin, music, Sharon Hyatt, speech, and Melissa Roach, Parents as Teachers.  Families will notice a new yet familiar face in the PS office:  Mrs. Patrice Adams as secretary. We also welcome staff members that have transferred to the PS:  Melinda Buchanan in kindergarten, Kathleen Brundage in 1st. grade, Ashley Lewis in special education, Dan Daugherty as evening custodian, Amber Helgren as a paraprofessional. 

Our building goals this year include:

  1. The percent of students showing average or above average growth on Discovery Education reading and math benchmark assessments will increase annually.
  2. 1st. and 2nd. grade students’ reading levels will increase by at least one year’s growth according to results on the Gates-MacGinitie reading tests.
  3. The percentage of 2nd. grade students scoring at proficient or advanced levels on their spring writing performance event, using the district’s writing rubric, will increase annually.
  4. By the end of 2nd. grade, all students will demonstrate fluency with addition and subtraction facts to 20.
  5. All staff members will strive to build positive and supportive relationships among staff and the community, and support our school-wide kindness initiative.

Pleasant Hill Primary School staff and students follow four general rules established for the safe operation of our building:
1.  Be respectful.
2.  Be responsible.
3.  Be ready to learn.
4.  Be really safe.
We emphasize a different character education trait each month.  In September, students will be learning about and practicing examples of KINDNESS.

At the Primary School, teachers are implementing the Missouri Learning Standards.  These standards are taught in all classes through MacMillan/McGraw-Hill Wonders Literacy series, Houghton Mifflin Go Math, Saxon Phonics, specifically developed math and phonics lessons, and other instructional materials.  Primary School teachers use a variety of effective instructional strategies, including cooperative learning, small-group instruction, literacy centers, word walls, and Readers’ and Writers’ Workshops. Teachers  administer benchmark screenings using the online Discovery Education assessments in reading and math four times a year, which help teachers prepare instruction based on students’ needs.

Our building initiative to provide reading instruction targeted to students’ levels is Response to Intervention.  Beginning September 19, students will be grouped for small or large group reading instruction for specific skills Monday through Thursday, 8:40-9:00.  While arriving at school on time at 8:30 a.m. is always important, this fun and productive “Rooster Time” makes it even more so, for every child!  Students arriving after 8:40 will have to wait until “Rooster Time” is over before going to their classes.

Class lists and grade level school supplies are posted on the district’s website. Early Childhood classes start on Monday, August 22.  School photos will be taken by Pearce Photography on Tuesday, August 23.

I hope families have enjoyed the summer months together, and that students are eager to start or return to school for a fun-filled year of growth and learning. If your child participated in one of our Summer Reading Challenges, please have him/her bring a reading log or evidence of the 9 challenging activities to his/her classroom teacher.

Sandra Haight


Upcoming dates

Sept. 2 & 5: No School, Labor Day
Sept. 9: 3 hour early dismissal, Homecoming

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Summer Reading Challenge

Exercise kids minds during the summer

For detailed locations & times, please visit online Primary School calendar below          

Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm

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Please note: all bus changes need to be made by noon on regular school days and 10 am on ½ days


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PTO Trash Bags

PTO trash bags will be available to purchase through the Primary school office all year. As always, they are $11 a roll and are available in 3 different sizes and colors! 

How Can You Keep Children Reading All Through the Summer?

Summer reading for pleasure goes hand in hand.  Here are several ways you can build reading into your summer plans.  These ideas can work no matter where you are or what you are doing.

The Library- Planning a morning or afternoon at the Pleasant Hill Public Library is a great way to get books that interest the young reader.  Children also have an assortment of books at their reading level to choose from.  Be sure to look through the books to see if the words look too hard.  It is usually better for them to pick a book that is easier rather than too hard.  If the book chosen is too difficult, it can be read to the child for the child’s enjoyment.  Ask questions throughout the reading to check if the child understands the book.  Ask the reader to make predictions about what will happen next. Participate in the Pleasant Hill Public Library summer program!

Out Shopping- Ask your young reader what the signs say on the roads or in the stores.  Signs are readily available for exercising their reading skills.  Even young beginning readers can pick out the letters of their names on signs.  Shopping might include time for the book store.  They are fun and enjoyable for all ages.

Outside- On a nice day, suggest reading outside on the porch or deck or out in the yard on a blanket.  If you are planning a trip this summer, try to find books about the place.  This builds interest for the trip, increases knowledge, and practices reading skills.

Computer- Most children love doing just about anything on the computer.  They are usually reading while they navigate the internet or play a simple came.  You can use their interest to sharpen reading and computer sills by sharing time online together.



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The Pleasant Hill R-III School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Assistant Superintendent, 318 Cedar Street, Pleasant Hill, MO 64080, 816-540-3161.

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