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Implementing RtI in the Classroom
What Does this Mean for Your Child?

We recently started “Rooster Time” at the Primary School. “Rooster Time” is our special name for our Response to Intervention (RtI) time. Hopefully your child has come home and mentioned his/her time spent during “Rooster Time.”  Have you wondered what this time looks like and why it is being implemented?  

What is RtI
Pleasant Hill Schools are committed to helping all children succeed. We have many ways to help children learn and to ensure those who need additional supports are successful. The Response to Intervention (RtI) is one way we provide these supports in reading.
RtI is a process of providing instruction and support to promote the academic success of all children. Individual children’s progress is monitored and results are used to make decisions about further instruction and intervention.

What does the RtI process look like?
The RtI process typically has three tiers. Each tier provides differing levels of support.
• In Tier I, all students receive high quality curriculum and instruction in the general education classroom. The teacher assists all students.
• In Tier II, the school provides supplemental instructional support, usually in small groups, to students who need additional support to what they are receiving from the general curriculum. This is our Rooster time where students are put in small groups (Coops) or larger groups (Barnyards) based on their specific reading needs.
• In Tier III, intense instructional support is provided to students with the greatest needs, with frequent progress monitoring.

Pleasant Hill Primary is currently implementing the RtI process in reading instruction. The teachers provide your child with Tier I instruction daily through whole-group and small-group lessons in your child’s homeroom. Tier II is an additional 30 minutes of reading intervention, targeting the specific skills to students who need additional support or who would benefit from enrichment. All our students receive a Tier II intervention. Tier III is an additional 30 minutes to the Tier II instruction. As stated above, this support is intense, and the progress is monitored frequently. Only a few students receive tier III interventions.

Your child’s success in school is very important to us. We hope to use RtI to meet the needs of all our students.

At our September all-school assembly we recognized all students who had perfect attendance and September birthdays. We also drew names of students who were BUG "Being Utterly Good" Award winners and distributed awards and prizes. 

  • Braxton Rogers (2nd-Isaman) led us in the pledge for volunteering in P.E.
  • Braylee Norman (K-Roach) received a $5 gift card from Dollar Sense for cleaning up and helping in Art.
  • Mrs. Brundage received a $10 Sonic gift card for providing tech support during the Gates testing. 

Great job, Roosters! We look forward to giving out more rewards at our October assembly.

Sherry Helus, Principal


Upcoming dates

Oct. 2: PTO trash bag sales begin
Oct. 3: Picture retakes
October 8-14: Fire Prevention Week-
October 12: 1st grade field trip to the KC Zoo
October 13: PTO trash bag sales end
October 17: Kindergarten field trip to the Pumpkin Patch (Plasse, Robinson, Ewing, Miller)
October 18: Kindergarten field trip to the Pumpkin Patch (Buchanan, Ullah, Roach, Duncan)
October 18: 2nd grade field trip to Sea Life Kansas (Fenton, Kay, Isaman, Galvan)
October 19: 2nd grade field trip to Sea Life Kansas (Bailey, McDaniel, Randol, Williams)
October 25: Red Ribbon Day
October 24 & 26: Parent Teacher Conferences
October 25 & 26: PTO trash bag pick up, (4-6 pm)
October 27: NO SCHOOL
October 31: Fall parties, (2:15-3:15 pm)

For detailed locations & times, please visit online Primary School calendar below          

Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm

AM Drop Off
Classes begin
Parent pick up
Bus dismissal

Please note: all bus changes need to be made by noon on regular school days and 10 am on ½ days

Perfect Attendance: September

Bulletin Board Flyers

Labels for Education

PTO Trash Bags

PTO trash bags will be available to purchase through the Primary school office all year. As always, they are $11 a roll and are available in 3 different sizes and colors! 

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/teacher conferences at the Primary School are scheduled individually by teachers and parents. Parents are given opportunities to schedule dates and times at Open House held in August before school starts. Any parents that do not indicate a time preference are contacted directly by the classroom teachers for a scheduled time. Teachers will accommodate parental schedules as much as possible any time from October 24 through October 27, but are primarily scheduling conferences on Tuesday, October 24, and Thursday, October 26 from 4:00-7:00 p.m



Please contact Durham Transportation Services at 540-4610 to request bus changes for your child.  All changes in bus numbers must be approved through the transportation office.  CALLS TO CHANGE STUDENTS’ DISMISSAL PROCEDURES MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE PRIMARY SCHOOL OFFICE BY NOON EACH DAY.  Do not rely on emails and phone messages for important information such as changes in your child’s dismissal routine; messages often can’t be checked in a timely manner, and substitute teachers often don’t have access to technology passwords.



Note for upcoming football season: Due to safety concerns for our students, we are requiring all students that are middle school age and below to have a parent or guardian with them at all sporting events. If a student is dropped off without a parent or guardian, he/she will not be admitted to the event, and a parent will be called for pick-up.  All children in attendance should be either sitting or standing next to their parents or guardians during the event, and not running around or throwing balls. Parents are asked to ensure that their children are exhibiting safe, appropriate, and respectful behavior as audience members at all sporting events. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.  Thank you.


What Can I Show Them?
 Young readers need to be shown what to do after they “sound out” the words.  Many times after they try to sound it out, young readers will just go on to the next word.  All of the word work has made them forget what the sentence was about.  Here are some things that you can tell them to do to get the story back in their mind:
 “Go back and REREAD.”
“Does that make sense?  Try that again.”
“You said, (put in what the reader said).  Did that make sense?”
“Look for something in the picture that could help you.”
“Read it again and say the first sound (of the tricky word)>
Cover the word and ask, “What word would make sense?” 
If the reader says a word that doesn’t sound right, you can say to them:
“Does that sound right?”
“Try that again and think what word would sound right.”
All of these will get the reader to thinking about the story and help with the child’s comprehension of the story.  These also help the child to become more fluent.



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The Pleasant Hill R-III School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Assistant Superintendent, 318 Cedar Street, Pleasant Hill, MO 64080, 816-540-3161.

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