Notice to Parents re: Inclement Weather Days

Pleasant Hill R-3 School District has missed ten days of school due to inclement weather in our area this winter. As of now, the last day of school would be Tuesday, May 28.

Due to the missed days and to meet state requirements, the district is considering revising the 2018-19 District Calendar as follows: currently there is a 3 hour early release / Professional Development Day on Thursday, Mar. 28 and no school on Friday, Mar. 29.  The district is considering moving the 3 hour early release / Professional Development Day on Thursday to Friday March 29 and have a full day on Thursday, March 28. The 3 hour early release day on Friday becomes one of the districts required make up days, which will eliminate the day required after Memorial Day (May 28).

By adding the student day on Friday, Pleasant Hill R-3’s goal is to have the school year end before Memorial Day, assuming there are no more additional school cancellations due to inclement weather. If additional snow days occur we will need to maintain the original schedule and add days after Memorial Day and not change the current schedule.