Kindergarten Round-Up

We have identified around 145 kindergarten age students and are forming classes for next year. You will receive information next week from Mrs. Helus and the primary about the building and your Kindergarten Teachers. Thank you again for your help and looking forward to all our new students next year.

You should have received information this week from the Primary School about kindergarten, along with the name of your child’s teacher for next year. Thank you again for your help. We are looking forward to all our new students next year.

If you have not already registered your child, who will enter kindergarten next fall, and you live in the Pleasant Hill R-III School District, please contact Brenda Koval at . She will then set up a screening appointment. If you know of relatives or neighbors who have children coming to kindergarten next fall and who have not registered their children, please ask them to call. Children must be 5 on or before July 31, 2020 to enter kindergarten in the fall.