June 25 Communication - Superintendent News

Meals - Our last day for serving breakfast and lunch will be next Tuesday June 30th. We want to thank all the volunteers and the food service employees for their efforts to provide an important service for our students and community. Also, this will be the last dinner served by FC Church as well. We owe them a big thank you as well for their volunteers and partnership with Hy-Vee catering.

Task Force Meetings - We have held one meeting already to discuss details on our back to school plans and how the community spread of COVID-19 can impact what we can or should be doing in public schools. We have scheduled our second meeting for July 22nd and we plan to be releasing more information by the end of that week.

On-line Registration - Parents and Guardians can start this process for their students on July 1st. This will make the centralized registration process go much smoother and eliminate any large wait times. The process has been modified a little this year to help with proof of residency and this will be our second year of receiving on-line fee payments thru Rev-Trak. 

Summer School -This is our first week of in person summer school for elementary and secondary students. We are running each program a little differently due to challenges with COVID-19. We will be going through July 17th, except for lifetime fitness and drivers ed. If you have any questions for the elementary program Caleb Clawson is the administrator or the secondary program contact Greg Reeves. Thank you to everyone for your patience with these unusual times and having to do things a little differently. 

Rooster Dads - Here is a way for male figures in our community to volunteer for our K-6 buildings and help contribute to a positive culture in those buildings. If you are interested please go to http://www.RoosterDads.com  to learn more and sign up for the program. This program will require a background check for participants and that will be coordinated in the sign up process.The District would like to thank Chris Kennedy for taking the lead in getting this site set up and willing to provide some leadership for this new program. I am looking forward to this new opportunity for our parents and students.

Transition Day - Please mark your calendar for August 20th as a day we will be trying something new with our 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th graders. We will be providing a transition day in our buildings for these students entering new sites. This will be a 90 minute time commitment in the morning for these students and bus transportation will be provided, if needed. More information to come.

Thank you
We missed a week but I would be at fault if I didn’t thank the high school administration and staff for their outstanding work to put on a graduation for our 155 students. It was great to see the community turn out to celebrate all the great accomplishments in the class 2020. 


Go Chicks! Go Roosters! Go Pleasant Hill!

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