District Curriculum and Assessment Work

 There has been a great deal of work happening across the district in the past few weeks in the areas of curriculum and assessment. The teachers then identified ways in which they could address within their content area the deficits of students presented in the data. The high school ELA department identified power standards for all courses and began to work on pacing of those standards over the year. They also aligned the standards to required academic texts for each course.

Ms. Veronica Love, Intermediate School teacher, is working in FastBridge to pilot SAEBERS, a screener teachers complete about their students social, emotional, and academic behaviors. It is grounded in a conceptual model which specifies school success is predicated not just upon academic achievement, but also success within multiple inter-related behavioral domains. She is helping other teachers in the building collect data to make informed decisions about interventions for the success of students.


The middle school teachers completed an exercise of analyzing student universal screener data under the direction of District Curriculum Facilitator, Jakqualyn Boden. The teachers in the building were divided into two groups, one looked at math data and the other looked at ELA data of seventh grade students.