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Perfect Attendance
Pleasant Hill Administration released the names of those students who maintained perfect attendance for first semester of the 2018-2019 school year.

Primary School:

Ethan Abel, Huxley Beck, Kynlee Bohannon, Aiden Brown, Andrea Brown, Ferrah Bruce, Ian Carey, Wesley Cook, Taylor Danforth, Chloe Devault, Harley Fierst, Ramona Gant, Bradley Hawkins, Skylar Horton, Ricky Hunt, Bentlee Kates, Ryleigh King, Isla Lowry, Grayson Mann, Sydnie May, Annalise Mohr, Owen Pinder, Parker Rosanbalm, Kolby Soetaert, Chase Stark, Lennon Sullivan, James Werner, Darrick Williams.

Elementary School:
Cole Abel, Ashlin Catron, Kayden Cummings, Eli Cunningham, Mason Doll, Cadyn Gustin, Donovan Lawrence, Sadie Lowry, Julia Pickett, Rickie Pimental, Adriana Thiry

Intermediate School:

5th Grade – Callista Abel, Kaylee Beachner, Aiden Ben, Dawson Blackburn, Aidan Boardman, Nick Brown, Aidan Carey, Preston Cassaday, Kiernan Cummings, Davin Gilsdorf, Alex Harrison, Cynthia Hernandez, Elyanna Jensen, Caden Johnson, Kylie Johnson, Lane Kassel, William Kohler, Chase Lentz, Hailee Lloyd, Chloe McIntire, Raquel Park, Mia Parker, Ella Plasse, Jeni Rosanbalm, Kevin Rosas, Isaiah Rosas, Sydnie Shelton, Autumn Smith, Marrisa Williams, Haley Williamson, Audrey Winton, Aidan Wright.

6th Grade – Leann Adkins, Cooper Aldrige, Nathan Armstrong, Kadin Bennett, Faith Bledsoe, Joci Brisbin, Alex Catron, Cody Cox, Brody Driver, Leland Edenburn, Liam Elkins, Stephanie Gonzalez, Kallisa Goss, Chaney Gray, Brennan Johnson, Cooper Kent, Jordan Kenyon, Kamia Kirkland, Emma Kitchell, Brayden Lango, Tyler Meyer, Leah Miller, Jon Mooneyham, Reed Nolan, Jacob Petrowsky, Owen Rosanbalm, Zane Shouse, Kaylin Simms,Mya Spear, Colin Stansbury

Middle School:
7th Grade – Madek Beachner, Halie Boardman, Casey Carey, Stephanie Cornwell, Xavier Creighton, Alexander Curry, Bo Daniel, Westyn Jensen, Hunter Jewell, Hannah Kleyh, Brody Kohler, Bradley Marshall, Aspen Milbrandt, Noah Moreno, Natalie Morris, Allison Oliver, Isabel Ross, Mara Shouse, Jackson Shuler, Addison Smith. Madalynn Stuart, Genna Tweedie, Cecilia Williams, Victoria Wilson

8th Grade – Maverick Crider, Keely Crownover, Serenity Ford, Madison Franklin, Carissa Ginther, Lilian Gross, Katherine Hamilton, Jacob Hanes, Katelyn Langdon, Avery Lawrence, Gary Manda, James Mooneyham, Jesse Ouyang, Emelia Proudfit, Brooke Shifflett, Brynden Smith

High School:
9th Grade – Isabel Bakken, Braden Beatty, Isaac Bledsoe, Marko Bredenhand, Marisa Brendel, Lillie Burgess, Riley Cole, Todd Corson, Alexandria Danner, Dylan Dimarco, Jacob Elliott, Sophia Gregory, Cheyann Johnson, Morgan Lassiter, Liam McCall, Amaya McCray, Jadyn Medlock, Harley Prewitt, Jaydon Shuler, Hadelynn Smith, David Vaughan, Tara Wells, Matthew Wolff, Bryan Wyse

10th Grade – Drake Beaman, Kylee Burgess, Darren Byrd, Emily Cook, Benjamin Cox, Camden Curtis, Nelson Descombes, Jaxton Dinges, Landon Fatino, Noah Fidler, Emily Hill, Tanner Huffman, Christopher Oliver, Kohlin Rahe, Regan Shouse, Abigail Teitelbaum

11th Grade – Jeffrey Hatfield, Cody Henry, Jagger Lawler, Michael Maasen, Abigail McKee, Colin Paris, Carter Stauch, Eli Vanatta, Rachel Wilhoit, Grant Williams

12th Grade – Olivia Busengdal, Aaron Chen, Kayleigh Hitchcock, Nadia Huffman, Mazen Jackson, Madison Mason, Bryce McGinnis, Sarah Morris, Quinn Oakes, Jackson Stone, Benjamin Yoder




Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent – Teacher Conferences for the Pleasant Hill R-III School District are set for Monday, October 22 through Thursday, October 25. There will be no school on Friday, October 26.

Primary School
Parent/teacher conferences at the Primary School are scheduled individually by teachers and parents. Parents are given opportunities to schedule dates and times at Open House held in August before school starts. Any parents that do not indicate a time preference are contacted directly by the classroom teachers for a scheduled time. Teachers will accommodate parental schedules as much as possible any time from Oct. 22 through Oct. 26, but are primarily scheduling conferences on Monday, Oct. 24 (4-8 p.m.), Wednesday, Oct. 23 (4-8 p.m.) and Thursday, Oct. 25, from 12:45-4 p.m.


Elementary School
The Elementary School will hold conferences on October 23 from 4-8 pm and October 25 from 1-8 pm.

  • Most teachers have already scheduled their parent-teacher conferences. If you have not been contacted by your child’s teacher, please call the school at 540-2220.
  • Parents will be sent a reminder of their conference time in the first weeks of October. If you have a conflict, changes can be made at that time.
  • If you are unable to attend at your scheduled time, please call and make arrangements for a new time. Our goal is to have 100% conference attendance.


Intermediate School
The Intermediate School will hold conferences Monday, October 22 and Wednesday, October 24 from 4:20 – 8pm and Thursday, October 25 from 12:40-4:00pm. In addition to the 22nd, 24th, and 25th each team has additional conference dates and times available; please contact your child's teacher for availability. 

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences will be conducted by the core team of teachers that work with your child.
  • All parents are asked to call 540-3156 or email their child’s teacher to set up a conference if one has not been previously arranged.
  • Reminder notices will be provided to parents that signed up previously.
  • Any parent unable to attend the scheduled time should call and make arrangements for a new time.




Middle School
This format allows students to play an important role in acknowledging their educational responsibilities under the guidance of their advisory teachers. Each student has a portfolio which he/she is responsible for filling with the following required elements: pieces of choice work from each class, teacher behavior information sheets, assessment information, grade card, and student-prepared plan of progress. Parents will schedule a fifteen-minute time slot with the student's advisory teacher through


TRADITIONAL-STYLE PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES: Wednesday, October 24  4:00-7:45pm. This format is a traditional conference where an individual teacher meets with one family at a time.  Although not student-led, we would like to encourage parents to bring his/her student too!   Parents will schedule a fifteen-minute time slot with the student's advisory teacher through www.volunteerspot.com.


FLEXIBLE HALF-DAY: Thursday, October 25 12:30-2:45pm
Parents can sign up this day using www.volunteerspot.com for either type of conference in fifteen-minute intervals.



High School
Pleasant Hill High School will host Parent / Teacher Conferences on Tuesday, October 23 from 5-8:30pm, Wednesday October 24 from 5-8:30pm and Thursday October 25 from 12:30-3pm. Parents will receive an email with a sign up form. The form will allow parents to click on a teachers name to schedule a specific time to meet. Ten minute time slots have been made available for conferences. If you have any questions, or concerns please contact your child’s teacher by dialing 816-540-3111.






New staff to join Pleasant Hill R-III District in August

Staff vacancies and reassignments within the district have allowed thirty-eight new staff members to join the district this fall. They will begin new teacher workshops on Aug. 6.


Primary School

Jaime Clodfelter will bring 7 years of experience to the District and serve as a Music teacher. For the past two years, she taught K-5 music with the Clinton School District. She has a Bachelor of Music from the University of Central Missouri.


In her first year of teaching, Kaitlin Fifer will serve as a 2nd Grade teacher. She completed her student teaching as a 2nd grade Co-teacher at the Primary School this past Spring. She has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Central Missouri.


Bringing 10 years of experience to the District, LeAnn Hauck will serve as a SPED Co-teacher. For the past 6 years, she taught 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade for the Lone Jack School District. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Graceland University and a Masters of Education from University of Missouri.


In her first year of teaching, Katherine Keith will serve as SPED Co-Teacher. She completed her student teaching at High Pointe Elementary with the Nixa School District. She received her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from the Missouri State University.


Bringing 6 years of experience to the District, Staci Logan will serve as a First Grade teacher. She was a Kindergarten teacher for the Odessa School District. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from the University of Central Missouri.


After substituting for the District for the past two years, Jennifer Meiries will return as a Paraprofessional. She brings more than 6 years of experience assisting and supporting classroom teachers. 


Bringing 13 years of experience to the District, Pam Pressley will serve as a SPED teacher. She was a Special Education teacher and Behavior Interventionist with the Belton School District. She has a Bachelors in Social Welfare from the University of Kansas and a Master of Arts from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.


Candy Shanley will serve as a Kindergarten teacher and bring 7 years of experience to the District. She was a First Grade and Kindergarten teacher with the Holden School District. She has a Bachelor in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education from the University of Central Missouri and a Master in Educational Theory and Practice from ASU in Jonesboro, AR.


Kelsey Urioste will serve as a ECSE Paraprofessional. She brings 4 years of experience to the District. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Southwest Baptist University.


Elementary School

A former graduate, Heather Camuso will serve as a 4th Grade teacher. She was a first and second grade teacher for the past two years at Calhoun School District. She received a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from the University of Central Missouri.


Bringing 4 years of experience to the District, Douglas Evans will serve as a 3rd Grade teacher. For the past year, he was a 4th grade teacher with the Strasburg School District. He has a Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a Master of Science from Southwest Baptist University.


Elizabeth Goller will serve as a Vocal Music teacher and will bring 3 years of experience to the District. She was a Music teacher at Christ Church Christian School in Warrensburg, MO for two years. She has a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Central Missouri.


Nicole Hartman will serve as a 4th grade teacher. She was a 4th Grade teacher with the Sweet Springs School District for four years and a Paraprofessional with the Warrensburg School District for 3 years. She has a Bachelor of Science from the University Central Missouri.


Abbey Manning will bring 11 years of experience to the Pleasant Hill School District and will serve as a SPED Co-teacher. She was a Special Education teacher for the Waverly Public School District at Eagle Elementary. She received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Missouri – Columbia and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Doane College In Lincoln, NE.


Melissa Sebree will serve as a 3rd Grade teacher. She was a 3rd / 4th Grade looping teacher for the Fort Osage School District for the past 5 years. She has a Bachelor of Science from Drury University.


Jacob VanSlyke will bring 4 years of experience to the District and serve as a 4th Grade teacher. For the past 4 years he was a fifth grade teacher at McEowen Elementary School in Harrisonville. He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Central Missouri.


Lori Williams will serve as a day custodian. She was with the RayPec School District as a lead custodian for the past 8 years.


Intermediate School

Bringing 11 years of experience to the District, Rachel Cole will serve as counselor. She was a counselor at Johnson Elementary in the Hickman Mills School District. She earned a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Education and Educational Specialist from the University of Missouri-Columbia.


Bringing 7 years of experience to the district, Jacqueline Green will serve as a SPED teacher. She was a Special Education / Regular Education teacher with the Grandview School District for the past 4 years. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute and a Masters in Education from Avila University.


Amanda Myers will serve as a 5th Grade teacher. She brings 2 years of experience from the Drexel School District where she taught Pre-Algebra and Algebra. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Elementary Math Specialist from the University of Central Missouri.


Middle School

Trent Giffin will bring 13 years of experience to the District as a SPED teacher. He was a Special Education teacher with the La Cygne Kansas School District for the past 4 years. He has a Bachelor of Science from Pittsburg State University and a Master of Science from Emporia State University.


Bringing 11 years of experience to the District, Nicholas Hanzivasilis will serve as a Math teacher. Last year, he taught Geometry, Algebra 2 and Math Strategies for the Blue Valley School District. He has a Bachelor of Arts from Thiel College in Greenville, PA.


Bringing 18 years of experience to the District, Eija Johnson will serve as a SPED teacher. She was a Special Education teacher for the Belton School District. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Lambuth University in Jackson, TN and a Master of Arts from Avila University.


A former graduate of Pleasant Hill School District, Weslee Pearce will serve as a night custodian.


Bringing 31 years of experience to the District, Marla Stone will serve as a Science / Physical Education teacher. She was a middle school science teacher for the past 13 years with the McPherson School District. She received a Bachelor of Science from William Jewell College and a Master of Sports Science Degree from the United States Sports Academy.


Sherry Woodward-Beck will serve as a Focus Room Paraprofessional. She will bring more than 7 years of experience to the District. She was an Instructional Aide at Southwood Elementary for the Raytown School District.


High School

Jacob Corcoran will serve as a Art / FACS teacher. He was a Pre-K and 2nd through 12th grade Art Educator with the Sweet Springs School District for the past 4 years. He received a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from the University of Central Missouri.


Mikala Hays will serve as a English Language Arts teacher. She was a Co-teacher with the Lee’s Summit School District where she taught Advanced Studies 10, English 10 and IB 11 this past Spring. In May, she received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Central Missouri.


Michelle Kearfott will bring 9 years of experience to the District and serve as a FACS (Family and Consumer Science) teacher.  For the past 4 years, she taught Exploratory FACS, Child Development, Foods, Creative Foods, Fashion Design and Housing and Interior Design at Holden High School. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters from the University of Central Missouri.


Katelyn Land will bring 9 years of experience to the District and will serve as a English Language Arts teacher. Last year, she taught 4th grade with the Kansas City School District. She has a Bachelors of Science and a Master of Arts from Drury University and a Administration Specialist from Lindenwood University.


Alec Rentschler will serve as a Social Studies teacher. He taught US History, World History and Contemporary Issues for the past 2 years at Farmington High School in Farmington, MO. He has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Arts and Education from Truman State University.


Bringing 11 years of experience to the District, Mandie Wesley will serve as a Counselor. She was a Counselor at Knob Noster High School for the past 5 years where she received the 2016 Central Region Secondary Counselor of the Year. She has a Bachelors of Science from Missouri Western State University, a Masters from University of Central Missouri and a Education Specialist from William Woods University.


Jill Schleiden will serve as a English Language Arts teacher. She was a 7th grade English Language Arts teacher for Excelsior Springs School District for the past three years. She has a Bachelors in Communication Arts and a Master of Arts from the University of Missouri.


Daniel Yung will bring more than 6 years of experience to the District as an Accompanist. He is the church accompanist at St. Bridget’s Ctholic Church in Pleasant Hill. He received a Bachelor of Music from Truman State University and a Master of Music from the University of Missouri - Kansas City.



Sue Manion will serve as the Data Specialist. She will bring 15 years of experience to the District. She was a Secretary for the Academic and Curriculum Director and Building Attendance Secretary for the Harrisonville School District.


Rob Parker will bring more than 18 years of experience to the Maintenance Shop. He was a HVAC Technician, General Maintenance Technician and an Appliance Technician at John Knox Village.


Special Services

Amy Hofstetter will serve as a Speech Language Pathologist. She will bring 9 years of experience to the district. She was a Speech teacher for Fort Osage High School last year. She has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Speech Pathology from the University of Central Missouri.


In her first year, Laura Magerkurth will serve as a Speech Language Pathologist. She completed her educational internship in Speech-Language Pathology with the Richardson Elementary School. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the Truman State University and a Master of Science from the University of Central Missouri.



Honor Roll
Pleasant Hill Administration released the names of those students who were placed on the honor roll for their grade point average (GPA) for second semester.

Intermediate School
5th Grade – Superintendent’s
Leann Adkins, Cooper Aldrige, Wrigley Anderson, Von Barnaby, Anna Beatty, Brooke Beck, Alexis Brotherton, Zoey Coal, Ella Crain, Blaire Curdy, Sarah Davis, Jameson Duncan, Liam Elkins, Chloe Elliott, Jack Ervin, Chaney Gray, Carter Hammond, Garrison Hartsell, Riley Hays, Carter Hodson, Jordan Kenyon, Lillian Kenyon, Sidney Koehler, Tanna Kreisel, Ella Kurtz, Laney McDaniel, Addison Miller, Brooks Miller, Aidan Minor, Sophia Moran, Hycle Nolan, Aliceyn Patterson, Jacob Petrowsky, Chase Quilter, Jaron Reyes, Zachary Rinker, Brady Roe, Ava Rogers, Bryson Saucerman, Ryan Shaller, Amelia Scrogham, Ella Shaffer, Kaelyn Skivers, Jessica St. John, Jaidyn Tabony, Kasyn Tevis, Alana Thelin, Kennady Thornsberry, Addison Tippie, Karsyn Todd, Caia Underwood, Nicolette Wayne, Shannon Williamson, Tyne Wilson


6th Grade – Superintendent’s
Jackson Akin, Camden Anderson, Douglas Barnes, Ellie Beck, Easton Cotter, Bo Daniel, Reagan Donovan, Ryan Ervin,  Delanne Gilsdorf, Grant Hardin, Brady Hughes, Westyn Jensen, Alexis Jones, Brett Larrabee, Devin McClenahan, Aspen Milbrandt, Weston Miller, Amelia Mooneyham, Payton Moore, Rylee Perkins, Jaydn Ryan, Mara Shouse, Jackson Shuler, Abbigail Smith, Mason Tye, Lauren Weiss, Abygail Widhalm, Makynna Woods


5th Grade – Principal’s
Nathan Armstrong, Kadin Bennett, Kiarah Blation, Shelby Box, Lane Bracken, Trenton Burnett, Joby Byson, Alexander Catron, Ella Cline, Caitlyn Curtis, Skylar Cyr, McKenna Dinges-Summers, Ryan Doolittle, Leland Edenburn, Caleb Fisher, Josie Gladieux, Stephenia Gonzalez, Kallissa Goss, Kyden Heuwinkle, Brayden Johnson, Noah Keisacker, Cooper Kent, Haley Kenyon, Isabella Kietzmann, Kamia Kirkland, Emma Kitchell, Brayden Lango, Gabriel Littge, Stephen Longfellow, Bailey Lowe, Peyton Madison, Ava Martinez, Richard Mead-Crouch, Ava Meade, Lia Meeks, Leah Miller, Jon Mooneyham, Broc Moore, Andrew Moorefield, Abigail Munns, Connie Ouyang, Addison Owen, Haidyn Pike, Addison Ralston, Wyatt Robinson, Jackson Ryan, Addison Secrist, Zane Shouse, Hanna Show, Jamie Show, Andy Thielen, Sylynn Ulmer, Lillath Walter, Samantha Ward, Lola Whistle


6th Grade – Principal’s
Cameron Barnes, Reagan Beaman, Halie Boardman, Brayden Bush, Casey Carey, Leyla Carrera, Natalie DeLapp, Randel Graham, Campbell Gregory, Jacob Harmon, Addison Hauck, Aubrey Hudkins, Kaylyn Isaman, Meriah Kates, Hannah Kleyh, Allie Klockenga, Renee Laycook, Addison Lentz, Jaiden Little, Jordan Lysinger, Jude Marconett, Grace McCommon, Aiden Meeks, Noah Moreno, Natalie Morris, Landon Moutray, Asia Munns, Nicholas Talan, Allsion Oliver, Maria Ore, Madison Powers, Brooke Schror, Madalyn Stranckmeyer, Owen Thornsberry, Jackson Vescovi, Victoria Wilson, Mya Wise


5th Grade – Honor Roll
Joseph Allen, Kaidah Bennett, Faith Bledsoe, Shea Bowman, Addison Bracken, Joci Brisbin, Makenzie Brown, Brayden Carlton, Aaron Creach, Montana Crider, Brody Driver, Addison Fidler, Leanna Gentry, Mason Gibbons, Hunter Gray, Draven Haegdorens, Carter Harrsion, Olivia Hoffman, Brennan Johnson, Maurice Johnson, Kaitlyn Kircher, Charlie Kitchell, Emma Lara, Emily Layton, Katie McKay, Hailey Melcher, Drew Meuschke, Tyler Meyer, Parker Morrison, Wyatt Newman, Korbin O’Neal, Keiyn Richardson, Owen Rosanbalm, Levi Runions, Alexander Servos, Addison Shaw, Olivia Shipley, Jaiden Sidwell, Chase Simmons, Kaylin Simms, Mason Snow, Mya Spear, Colin Stansbury, Brandon Strauss, Aaron Theilen, Braxton Thompson, Makaylah Turner, Garrison Tweedie, Azasay VanZant, Landen Watson, Christopher Watters, Reese Weber, Adam Wilson, Zoey Younce


6th Grade – Honor Roll
Macee Adams, Brooklyn Allen, Owen Avery, Madek Beachner, Ella Betts, Carrisa Bink, Abrien Bowman, Jacob Box, Olivia Boynton, Cole Bracken, Maci Brinkoetter, Hilary Brown, Kaylee Chambers, Andrew Cordray, Stephanie Cornwell, Liam Cox, Xavier Creighton, Ashley Curry, Teigan Eaton, Jackson Ewing, Cory German, Troy Gustin, Trinity Halfmann, Gabriela Hanes, Anna Hays, Aaron Horkay, Emma Huffman, Carter Hull, Dylan Jackson, Korie Jenkins, Hunter Jewell, Jayden Kenyon, Lauren Kidwell, Cooper Killian, Brayden Klotz, Jack Kohler, Sophia LaPee’, Gwendolin Long, Brayden Maahany, John Mann, Lucas Mannino, Katrina McDonald, Madison McKee, Addison Meeks, Caydon Orrick, Cole Rasmussen, Isabel Ross, Aubrey Ruona-McGill, Addison Smith, Ada Solorio-Variga, Maggie Spears, Carly Stout, Grayson Sudduth, Kylie Sullivan, Carter Szajnuk, Isabelle Talbot, Emma Taylor, Nathan Teitelbaum, Genna Tweedie, Izabella Vavra, Ximena Venegas, Addey Wade, Nevaeh Walker, Phoenix Werner, Tyler Wise


Middle School

7th Grade – Superintendent’s
Jolyn Blake, Calli Bloom, Corina Brockman, Brenden Bunch, Dustin Crockett, Aryana Devault, Cooper Divine, Emma Dutcher, Madison Franklin, Madison Frazier, Taliya Guenther, Katherine Hamilton, Emma Kleyh, Avery Lawrence, Caleb Martin, Katherine Meiries, James Mooneyham, Chloe More, Anna Morrison, Chase Underwood


8th Grade – Superintendent’s
Walker Aldridge, Caitlyn Allen, Kelly Anderson, Isabel Bakken, Isaac Bledsoe, Marisa Brendel, Kennedy Donovan, Emmy Duncan, Madalynn Fatino, Kiley Fuast, Jordan Fisher, Dharma Gilsdorf, Caroline Gray, Cheyann Johnson, Molli Johnson, Sydney Johnson, Abigail Kindt, Nina Lapee, Morgan Lassiter, Wyatt Leyda, Jesse Matthes, Grace McKee, Elliott Moore, Victoria Nickols, Ryan Perisho, Delaney Schuller, Jaydon Shuler, Elizabeth Sudduth, Olivia Toler, David Vaughan, Trey Widhalm, Sarah Wilhoit, Alexia Woods, Madison Woods


7th Grade – Principal’s
Kelsey Baker, Peyton Brunell, Raelynn Carter, Chloe Clapp, Grayce Clark, Jay Cooper, Sofie Duncan, Samuel Ewing, Makyna Faust, Serentiy Ford, Kinleigh Gardner, Hailey Gentry, Lawson Gonzalez, Jacob Hanes, Riley Hawkins, Mason Hicks, Hayden Hornbostel, Jakob Hurd, Ayden Jackson, McKenna Kaps, Reagan Kimrey, Nicholas Linthicum, Ryan Murray, Jesse Ouyang, Quicny Payne Thornton, Emelia Proudfit, Alicia Quinn, Jozlyine Rivera, Shannon Ruckman, Alena Scrogham, KoleStarlin, Cooper Sullivan, Taylor Vaughn, Justin Wasson, Reagan Watterson, Emileigh West


8th Grade – Principal’s
George Arbuckle, Lillie Burgess, Bailey Burnett, Riley Cole, Mazlyn Collins, Lexie Danner, Madelyn Davis, Cason Driver, Samantha Fenton, Jordan Fisher, Paige Fisher, Peyton Franklin, Sophia Gregory, Elizabeth Hawkins, Robert jobe, Carmen Kidwell, Clayton Kohler, Makenzie Layton, Alixis Little, Kylie Lloyd, Barrett Looney, Mine Maree, Seth Moreno, Jay Powell, Alivia Redwine, Zachary Redwine, Noah Riley, Johnathan Rivera, Marissa Sheeley-Jones, Tyler Taylor, Alyssa Williams


7th Grade – Regular
Cody Ammerman, Jonah Anderson, Brayden Bass, Nathan Chinn, Ayden Cline, Mya Dellaguardia, Kathryn Dummer, David Duncan, Cooper Fellers, Curtis Frye, Carissa Ginther, Tristin Gower, Ema Graham, Mason Hamilton, Aaron Hawley, Alex Hill, Rylee Huslig, Wesley Irwin, Karsyn Johnson, Dylan Kauffman, Nathan Kobie, Gracie Layton, Jacob Liley, Carly Long, Cheyenne Maasen, Lydia Mannino, Bethany Markham, Mia Meuschke, Braidy Moore, Keaton Odle, Emma Parmenter, Skylar Poss, Brielle Quilter, Grant Reeves, Haley Ross, Brooke Shifflett, Sam Slaughter, Samantha Smith, Hannah South, Ella Weber, Alec Williams, Madison Wilson, Emma Young


8th Grade – Regular
Sofia Abney, Leo Adkins, George Arbuckle, Braden Beatty, Madison Blevins, Kaidence Cleveland, Mazalyn Collins, Kotton Crawford, Matthew Davis, Brooke Devaul, Peyton Franklin, Sophia Gregory, Brooke Hartwig, Mariah Hedrick, Serenity Heuwinkel, Hayden Hocker, TJ Horkay, Abby Johnson, Carmen Kidwell, Ali Little, Kylie Lloyd, Logan Mann, Liam McCall, Jadyn Medlock, Justin Moore, Tyler Parton, Darian Patet, Hannah Ponder, Harley Prewitt, Noah Riley, Gavin Rogers, Rayne Rusk, Marissa Sheely-Jones, Abigail Shipley, Ella Smith, Hadelynn Smith, Carissa Smith-Neely, Emma Thaller, AvrielleTindall, Natalia Vavra, Jayden Wilburn


High School

9th Grade –
Drake Beaman, Angel Cordray, Landon Fatino, Dylan Orpin, Tera Reberry, Abigail Teitelbaum, Tobin Wise, Addison Zurcher

10th Grade  -
Logan Bailey, Collin Brockman, Kylie Campbell, Nicole Clapp, Jacey Faust, Jaden Greenwood, Dayton Little, Alyssa Math, Cailee More, Colin Paris, Cole Swofford, Rachel Wilhoit, Grant Williams

11th Grade  - Daniel Albin, Sydney Bunch, Kayleigh Hitchcock, Shelby Jack, Grace Kenyon, Danielle Lichte, Taylor Markham, Sarah Morris, Madison Mason, Grace Riley, Garrett Schick, Benjamin Yoder, Paige Zieman


12th Grade – Breann Bissonnette, Levi Cohen, Alyssa Coon, Rachel Denney, Michael Denney, Joseph Dryer, Autumn Ferguson, Logan Gish, Brett Greufe, Joseph Heinrich, Dominic Hemme, Nathaniel Holmes, Eric Humphrey, Grace Keilholz, Skyler Kirchhofer, Jerod Rottinghaus, Derek Smith, Dale Snider, Chance Sullivan, Brandon Young

9th Grade – Joshua Anderson, Jenna Avery, Owen Bailey, Karis Bloom, Avory Bloss, Evan Burns, Joliana Canaan, Carson Case, Nelson Descombes, Jaxton Dinges, Caroline Duensing, Canton Elliott, Margaret Gonzalez, Paige Gustin, Connor Hardin, Emily Hill, Eugene Horkay, Emma Johnson, Hannah Joyce, Claire Kenyon, Emily Kerbs, Brock Koehler, Michelle Kramer, Ashlyn Long, Gabrielle Lopez, Keagon Madison, Lillie Math, Makayla McClenahan, Braden Meyer, Evan Miller, Ashton Morris, Madelyn Nelson, Christopher Oliver, Zion Patterson, Sydney Peters, Isabelle Proudfit, Madison Rape’, Alexandria Redwine, Abigail Ring, Jessica Ross, Regan Shouse, Zackary Smith, Averie Snyder, Jack Snyder, Kaemyn Stidham, James Tabony, Olivia Trask, Alaina Umscheid, Riley Vaughn, Alexiea Werner

10th Grade – Brandon Baker, Ethan Beagle, Jasmine Brown, Patrick Brunell, Ethan Campbell, Truman Cartner, Katie Clay, Mitchell Coon, Braylee Davis, Catherine Davis, Austin Dinges, Lindsey Dobson, Desmond Ewing, Hunter Fannin, Jade Feeler, Rebecca Goble, Esabel Helgren, Lucas Henley, Hanah Hocker, Jordan Hoerl, Angeleena Hook, Natalie Hopkins, Ashlynn Keilholz, Emily Kerchner, Kolton Kincaid, Blaine Kleyh, John Kohler, Sydney Lamborn, Bethany Larkins, Jagger Lawler, Austin Long, Trenton Long, Julia Longmeyer, Ethan Longo, Hailey McCommon, Angela McCormick, Savannah McIntosh, Aidan Moore, Julia Moore, Christina Morris, Aidan Parker, Emily Perisho, Garrett Pierce, Isabella Raysik, Tanner Reffitt, Jayden Reyes, Abigale Rice, Kyleigh Roe, Alex Shelton, Caleb Shepard, Carson Shoop, Julia Sias, Dawson Sivils, Morgan Smith, Nicole South, Megan Swinney, Sayler Todd, Margaret Tribble, Miguel Venegas, Sarah Watson, Rileigh West, Alec Wheeler, Samantha Woods.


11th Grade – Jeffrey Aguilar, Andrea Allen, Katherine Bauer, Chloe Bloom, Sierra Bowman, Marissa Bowman, Wyatt Bramwell, Averee Brattin, Kennedy Burton, Wesley Butler, Aaron Chen, Trey Clevenger, Joel Conway, Mackenzie Dimarco, Mariah Dryer, Dawson Ferdig, Hannah Glass, Faith Griggs, Jakob Hammond, McKenna Hanover, Reagan Harrison, Sophia Harvey, Mitchell Hayes, Micala Huffman, Corey Kelly, Miranda Kelley, Jenna Kerbs, Adelynn Link, Emma Marshall, Sarah Miller, Emma Mueller, Maragh Newberry, Chesnea Philipsheck, Ali Ray, Paden Ruckman, Taylor Stith, Joseph Sosko, William Toler, Stewart Watson, Halee Werner, Saylor Zurcher


12th Grade – Jordan Anderson, Emily Armstrong, Maegan Ashmore, Meghan Ball, Mackenzie Beaman, Anna Boehm, Ryan Bowen, Evan Brons, Gaige Brunell, Samara Bruno, Brooke Cash, Nathaniel Chace, Andrew Conway, Kacie Creighton, Savannah Demeyer, Noah Descombes, Makayla Devault, Ashtyn Dickens, Jordyan Ethridge, Kaitlin Evans, Cali Faherty, Cody Faust, Blake Fernau, Jacob Figley, Shawn Gallagher, Tabitha Graham, Kirsten Gross, Colten Haak, Layla Heritage, Mason Hoenshell, Richard Hughes, Madison Hunt, Evan Jacobs, Angela Klein, Brylee Langford, Keith Lapee, Marcus Lapee, Rebecca Latimer, Kailtyn Lloyd, Mason Long, Savannah Long, Lauren Mann, Ashley McClenahan, Anthony McSparran, Callie Miller, Grace Montag, Alexander Moore, Noah Moore, Saisha Morgan, Mikayla Norman, Caitlin O’Hanlon, Tori Parrott, Alexandra Pierce, Andrea Powell, Kylee Reeves, Madison Roach, Johana Rosas, Jordan Rottinghaus, Sydney Schirlls, David Shanks, Gracie Smith, Emily Stocking, Robert Stone, Tristin Sudduth, Luke Swofford, Kirsten Thompson, Mariah Thompson, Tanner Todd, Alyssa Whistle, Michael Wright, Gennavieve Wrobel, Evan Yokley, Brandon Younce, Tori Young



Regular Honor Roll
9th Grade –
Aidan Amor, Kale Bakken, Ian Bledsoe, Mattie Bracken, Allee Brattin, Darren Byrd, Victoria Cain, Jesse Cammisano, Makenzie Carlile, John Carter, Emily Cook, Madison Copowycz, Morgan Corbin, Paige Cottrell, Isabella Danner, Parker Elkins, Hayden Farmer, Noah Fidler, Elijah Fondren, Gissell Garcia, Jacob Glaze, Alexandra Good, Silas Gray, Kaylee Hawley, Marissa Helms, Caitlin Hensley, Jessica Hockett, Destiny Human, Blaise Jackson, Prestly Lamar, Emma Lapee, Jenna Marconett, Elizabeth May, Raigen Mickelberry, Austin Noel, Madalynne Ohler, Jackson Petersen, Anna Rogers, Tyler Rowe, Aubrey Schirlls, Aubrey Scott, Philip Servos, Tate Stockstill, Robert Summers, Austin Walker Katelynn Wheat, Alyssa Ziegelbein


10th Grade – Madalyn Allen, Jackson Barnes, Lee Chrisman, Kaitlyn Ewing, Brooke Fernau, Clay Froehlich, Lawrence Graham, Tanner Graves, Hunter Greufe, Deidra Gross, Ethan Hansen, Jeffrey Hatfield, Paige Hicks, Shyann Jellison, Megan Kurle, Victor Leiker, Michael Maasen, Audrey Mann, Abigail McKee, Randi Miller, Mikayla Ollison, Madison Roeder, Shirley Salcedo, Simon Scott, Parker Snow, Lily Spear, Eli Vanatta, Melissa Walters, Cruz Weber, Ethan Weber, Brylee Wells, Alexis White, Noah Worsley


11th Grade – Laura Allee, Trace Armstrong, Christian Atkins, Macey Barker, Kaitlyn Clevenger, Zoe Crockett, Hunter Foote, Allie Gerken, Amber Gerken, Morgan Gish, Ainsley Gray, Tyler Hagan, Keyara Halstead, Anastasia Hanes, Madeline Helms, Jeramy Higgins, Gabriel Hodge, Mazen Jackson, Delaney Lawrence, Brittany Marshall, Joey Mazy Franks, Bayne McCall, Madison McDaniel, Cameron Parker, Avery Quilter, James Schoenfelt, Taylor Shewmaker, Keegan Slaughter, Jackson Stone, Makayla Taylor, Casandra Waddle, Timothy Whorton, Luke Winkler


12th Grade – Dillon Blackburn, Emma Braley, Dillon Bray, Jackson Caley, Jared Clapp, Miguel Dotson, Christoffer Frellsen, Joe Halstead, Jordan Hamlin, Tyler Harrald, Jacob Harris, Jillian Heuwinkel, Ryan Hopkins, David Kobie III, James McKee, Michael Okuly, Summer Ray, Lauren Redwine, Rachel Ridge, Jordan Sidwell, Amanda Snow, Chase Thompson, Evan Wehner, John Whiting, Aspen Younce





Perfect Attendance
Pleasant Hill Administration released the names of those students who maintained perfect attendance for second semester of the2017-2018school year.


Primary School:
All Year: Hunter Alexander
Second Semester: Ian Carey, Aiden Degen, Parker Rosanbalm, Payton Wells


Elementary School:
All Year: Callista Abel, Aidan Carey
Second Semester: Callista Abel, Aidan Carey, Caden Johnson, JeniRosanbalm

Intermediate School:
2nd Semester Outstanding Attendance
5th Grade – Faith Bledsoe, Cindy Blaire, Chaney Gray, Emma Lara, Hycle Reed Noland, Owen Rosanbalm, Ryan Jackson, Bryson Saucerman, Ryan Schaller

6th Grade – Brandon Enriquez, Gregory Campbell, Jayden Kenyon, Jude Marconette

Year Long Outstanding Attendance
5th Grade – Owen Rosanbalm
6th Grade – Brandon Enriquez;, Jude Marconett


Middle School:
7th Grade
All Year: Kinleigh Gardner, Carissa Ginther, Lillian Gross, Elektra Huffman, Emma Kleyh
Second Semester: Kinleigh Gardner, Carissa Ginther, Lillian Gross, Elektra Huffman, Emma Kleyh, Nathan Kobie, Avery Lawrence, Isabella Noel, Kaleb Richards, Hannah South, Makayla Stalker Klotz, Chase Underwood

8th Grade
All Year: Kelly Anderson, Riley Cole, Alexandria Danner, Kiley Faust, Morgan Lassiter, Jadyn Medlock, Seth Moreno, Alivia Redwine
Second Semester: Kelly Anderson, Riley Cole, Alexandria Danner, Kiley Faust, Cheyann Johnson, Clayton Kohler, Nina Lapee, Morgan Lassiter, Jesse Matthes, Liam McCall, Jadyn Medlock, Seth Moreno, Alivia Redwine, Hadelynn Smith

High School:
9th Grade
1st Year – Joshua Anderson, Darren Byrd, Isabella Danner, Nelson DesCombes
Second Semester: Joshua Anderson, Darren Byrd, Isabella Danner, Nelson DesCombes

10th Grade
1st Year – Braylee Davis, Jeffrey Hatfield
2nd Year – Abigail McKee
Second Semester: Braylee Davis, Jeffrey Hatfield, Abigail McKee, Aidan Parker, Nicole South, Grant Williams, Noah Worsley

11th Grade
1st Year – Quinn Oakes
3rd Year – Madison Mason
Second Semester: Katherine Bauer, Chase Gray, Madison Mason, Bryce McGinnis, Quinn Oakes

12th Grade
1st Year – Andrew Conway, Kaitlin Evans
4th Year – Kylee Reeves
Second Semester: Andrew Conway, Rachel Denney, Kaitlin Evans, Kylee Reeves, Brandon Younce





End of Year Staff Recognition Reception


The Pleasant Hill R-III School District hosted its annual end of year staff recognition reception April 30 at Pleasant Hill High School. The event honored fifteen (15) staff members who were retiring at the end of this school year, as well as the recipients of the Excellence in Education Awards, “ABC” Award, Rookie Awards and service pins.


Honored retirees included

  • Wesley Townsend is retiring after 15 years. He has served the District as the Superintendent since July 2003.
  • Jane Bermel is retiring after 12 years. She joined the District in 2006 as the Intermediate School Counselor.
  • Katie Coleman is retiring after 18 years. She joined the District in 2000 as the Primary School Art teacher and she is currently an Art / FACS teacher at the High School.
  • Darla Echeita is retiring after 18 years. She has served as a paraprofessional for the District.
  • Linda Gassaway is retiring after 18 years. She served as the Elementary School Counselor for 13 years and she is presently the district Educational Diagnostician.
  • Cindy Glass is retiring after 23 years. She joined the district as a paraprofessional in August of 1995. She has also served as Summer School Secretary for the past 19 years.
  • Jody Griffith is retiring after 18 years with the Pleasant Hill School District. She taught second grade, 6th grade math and is currently a 5th grade teacher at the Intermediate School.
  • Sandy Parrott is retiring after 28 years. She joined the District in August 1990 and has served as third grade, first and second grade teacher for the Primary School.
  • Kathy Simms retired after serving the district as a paraprofessional for 21 years. She joined the District in 1997.
  • Deborah Smith retired after 16 years. She joined the district in 2002 as a paraprofessional.
  • Melinda Snyder is retiring after 17 years. She joined the district in January 2001 to become a secretary for the Primary School.
  • Suzan Smith retired after 11 years. She joined the district in 2007 and has served as FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) teacher for the High School.
  • Sara Thompson is retiring after 10 years. She joined the district in 2008 and has served as Title 1 K-2 Reading teacher for the Primary School.
  • Mike Weinel is retiring after 18 years. He joined the District in December 2000 and currently works in the Maintenance Shop.
  • Wayne Wolff is retiring after 7 years. He joined the District and became a part of the custodial staff in 2011.



Chamber Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to High School Language Arts teacher, Sheryl Book for receiving the Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year. She was recognized by the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce in an award ceremony back in January. Congratulations again for this well deserved honor!


Rookie Awards went to staff members who have completed their first year with the Pleasant Hill School District. They included: Dr. Steven Meyers, Celia Davidson, Sherry Helus, David Taylor, Ben Anderson, Kelsey Black, Morgan Boley, Dani Borchert, Kelly Bradbury, Candice Burnett, Jessica Cagle, Victoria Caskey, Cassie Corson, Michelle Cronin, Brad Ditty, Patricia Dutcher, Jessica Evans, HS therapy dog Toby Green, Kevin Greer, Sarah Kerbs, Jessica Ladd, Carole Markey, Danielle Martin, Judy Meyer, Jennifer Moore, Lesley Noland, Adrian Ortner, Cerine Proudfit, Kala Randol, Jessica Taber, Jeanne Thomas, Cara Townsend, John Unrein, Austin Welhoff, Kate Zrust


The Excellence in Education Award is designed to recognize an overall contribution to education by an educator. Candidates should have the ability to inspire learning, should show genuine concern for students and should be active in their profession and/or community. (A ‘certificated’ recipient was recognized from each building. Each building’s Excellence in Education Award recipient then competed for the District honor of Teacher of the Year)

  • The Primary School Excellence in Education Award went to Special Services teacher, Ashley Gebhardt. Ashley was selected because she creates an incredible learning environment where students feel safe and respected. She is an educator in the fullest sense of the word to many students; instilling confidence, determination, and an education foundation upon which many amazing lives are being built upon. She strives to make her lessons fun, creative and she individualizes these experiences and makes them personal for every student. She is always professional and is a natural teacher-leader who has a strong foundation of student relations and best-practice strategies. She is highly respected and we are honored to have her as part of our staff, Congratulations Ashley! 
  • The Elementary School Excellence in Education Award went to Fourth Grade Co-teacher, Carey Armstrong. Carey was selected because her depth of knowledge and experience is evident in her practice. She uses best practice instructional strategies and is an expert at differentiating instruction for struggling and advanced learners. She provides an authentic experience for her students and is a master at the use of problem based learning strategies. Her students use critical thinking to conquer real world problems and are always actively engaged in instruction. She is not only committed to the success of her students, she is also an integral part of the development of our staff. During team collaborations, she always provides insightful input and is motivated by doing what is best for students. Her dedication, perspective and leadership are just a few traits that make her an excellent educator. Congratulations Carey, on this honor.
  • The Intermediate School Excellence in Education Award went to Counselor, Jane Bermel. Jane was selected because she goes above and beyond for her students and their families on a daily basis. She remains calm as she faces challenging and sometimes heartbreaking situations. She serves students in crisis with a thorough level of response. She works with outside agencies to ensure her students have what they need and that families know of all resources available to them. Her dedication to counseling is felt through her work, interactions with students and even in her personal interaction with staff. She brings a spirit of love, fun and positivity to all she does. Even though she is retiring this year, she has held steadfast to the notion that she wants to go out with a bang, her quality and quantity of work has not wavered. Congratulations Jane!
  • The Middle School Excellence in Education Award went to Art teacher, Cindy McManis. Cindy was selected because even though she has been in our district over 30 years, she still has the energy of a first or second year teacher. She has an unparalleled love for nature and animals. In a world where students are exposed to so much technology on a daily basis, she works to expose students not only to the arts, but to nature and the love of taking care of animals as well. She spearheaded a project with the local boy scouts to create a natural rain garden, because the area outside her door at one time was being flooded with water every time it rained. It looks nice and it works. Thank you for exposing kids to the values and benefits of the arts, outdoors and taking care of pets. Congratulations Cindy!
  • The High School Excellence in Education Award went to Counselor, Tammy Vogler. Tammy was selected because she dedicates herself fully not only to the PHHS counseling department, but to the entire school and district as well. Her sense of service and passion for students is never ceasing. She is often the first to arrive and the last to leave. She believes in working until the job is complete and completed to the best of her ability. She is sought out by students and staff for advice, guidance and comfort. She serves as the PHHS building 504 coordinator, district 504 coordinator, PHHS testing coordinator, scholarship liaison, senior sponsor, credit recovery specialist, skilled counselor and much more. Congratulations Tammy on this honor!  
  • The Educator of the Year went to Tammy Vogler. Tammy was selected this year because her devotion to her job is genuine and selfless. She seeks no praise or thanks for her work.  There is no one who gives more of themselves or is more passionate. Congratulations to the Educator of the Year, Tammy Vogler!


The ABC award is presented annually to a classified staff person who has given outstanding service to the school district.  We look particularly for the person who has significantly contributed to the mission of the school and to the overall educational climate. Because there were 13 nominees this year, all very qualified, the committee couldn’t decide between these two. Both are very different, but deserving.

  • The first ABC Award goes to Elementary School Custodian, Wayne Wolff. Wayne was selected because he truly cares about each student and takes the time to build relationships with everyone in the building. He goes above and beyond to ensure that our school is safe, clean and happy, but it is what he does outside of his job description and his participation with our elementary students that make him shine. He builds solid relationships with kids with his kindness and compassion. He takes the time to talk to and high five kids in the hall or at lunch. You will see him lying on the floor fixing a drinking fountain and kids stop to ask, “What are you doing?” He sits up to acknowledge the student and explains his task. Because of this our kids know he cares about them and our school climate is better because of him.  He is a friend to many and he makes working at PHES a joy, Congratulations Mr. Wayne!
  • The second ABC Award goes to District General Ledger Bookkeeper, Darlene Eslick. Darlene was selected because most district staff do not realize the sacrifice and commitment made by her over the past few years. In July 2015, eight different employees held three bookkeeping positions because of two retirements, a long-term illness, internal transfers and several resignations. Filling the positions of those long-term solid bookkeepers proved to be much more difficult than anyone anticipated. She has been the backbone that held our bookkeeping department together. Throughout the entire process, she was an invaluable resource to train and mentor new bookkeepers while also learning her new responsibilities. Her efforts included many late nights, holiday and weekend work to ensure financial transactions were complete and staff were paid on time. Congratulations Darlene, you are an asset to our district!


Service pins were awarded to individuals that have completed a minimum of 5 years full-time employment with the Pleasant Hill School District. Those receiving service pins included:


5 years:  Carey Armstrong, Kim Breitbach, Harrison Campbell, Caleb Clawson, Lisa Day, Carrie Hardin, Georgette Harrald, Matt Lally, Michelle Lloyd, Lyndsey Martin, Stephen Moore, Marylee Myler, Jim Oliver, Andrew Schoenherr, Terri Zimmerschied


10 years:  Tina Bailey, Sean Berry, Christie Diederich, Julie Fuller, Sara Thompson


15 years: Tricia Beaman, Karen Dollins, Darlene Eslick, Mindy Felden, Tina Kemerling, Dr. Wesley Townsend


20 years: Jason Beatty, Nancy Bouchard, George Creason, Rebecca Eagleburger, Julie Smith, Annie Vaughn


1st Semester Perfect Attendance (August through Dec. 2017)

Carole Markey, David Taylor, Alan Borchert, Lucas Gibson, Randy Greufe, Ed Norvell, Samantha Baldwin, Julie Fuller, Maureen Stahl, Morgan Boley, Rochelle Breslin, Michelle Carey, Kristine Faitz, Terri Zimmerscheid, Kari Barger, Brook Filis, Linda Greve, Jody Griffith, Lora Watson, Cindy Blair, Tammy Kirchhofer, Sean Berry, Eric Bloom, Karen Dollins, Johna Geist, Kevin Greer, John Hamilton, Judith Meyer, Kyle Reeves, Rhonda Viney


See pictures below (taken by Lizz Talbot, Pleasant Hill Times)