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Homebound instruction was designed for those students who are so medically fragile that they cannot attend school. A student may qualify for homebound instruction (renewable every month with updated doctor’s orders) if s/he has a mental or physical condition that: (a) is severe; (b) is likely to persist several calendar weeks during which school is in session; and (c) is widely recognized within an established field of medicine or psychology and prevents the student from attending school.

A student with a current IEP who has been suspended from school may qualify for homebound instruction and be counted for full attendance if the student has received a minimum of 5 hours of one-on-one instruction per week by a certificated teacher (Sunday thru Saturday). If the instruction is below 5 hours then the student’s attendance is only based on actual hours of instruction (for example, 4 hours of instruction is only counted as 4 hours of attendance, the remaining hours are reported as hours of absence). If the school week is a short week (less than a 5 day week) 5 hours of instruction must still be provided to count a student in full attendance for that week.

If you would like to request homebound instruction, contact your child’s building principal. They will initiate the process with the Special Services Department. Remember, homebound instruction is temporary and must be updated every month with doctor’s orders.