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Facilities and Support Services

Director of Facilities
David Taylor
Director of Facilities
816-540-3161, ext. 6111
Physical Address
318 Cedar St
Pleasant Hill, MO 64080
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am-4pm
The Department of Facilities includes the areas of:
  • Building and Grounds
  • Custodial Services
  • Facility Usage / Rental
  • Maintenance
  • Safety and Security
  • Nutrition Services
  • Transportation
Building and Grounds Staff:
Name Title Email
Michael Weinel Maintenance mweinel@pleasanthillschools.com
Paul Smith Grounds psmith@pleasanthillschools.com
Randy Greufe Utility rgreufe@pleasanthillschools.com
Ed Norvell Utility enorvell@pleasanthillschools.com
Henry Saubers High School Custodian hsaubers@pleasanthillschools.com
Ricky Graham High School Custodian rgraham@pleasanthillschools.com
Duane Hudson High School Custodian dhudson@pleasanthillschools.com
Matt Lally High School Custodian mlally@pleasanthillschools.com
Kelly Hart Middle School Custodian khart@pleasanthillschools.com
Alan Borchert Middle School Custodian aborchert@pleasanthillschools.com
Margaret Kosfeld
Lead Custodian / Intermediate School Custodian
Dani Borchert Intermediate School Custodian dborchert@pleasanthillschools.com
Rhonda Cleveland Primary School Custodian rcleveland@pleasanthillschools.com
Theresa Ferguson Primary School Custodian tferguson@pleasanthillschools.com
Sereta Winkle Primary School Custodian swinkle@pleasanthillschools.com
Dan Daugherty Elementary School Custodian ddaugherty@pleasanthillschools.com
Wayne Wolff Elementary School Custodian wwolff@pleasanthillschools.com
Lucas Gibson Custodian lgibson@pleasanthillschools.com
Our Mission
To maintain safe, clean and sanitary standards of the Pleasant Hill School District for a healthy atmosphere conducive to learning.