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Dr. Steve Meyers, Superintendent

Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year.
We have started year two in our efforts to become a student centered district, and the two biggest additions were the implementation of Eureka Math and Readers/Writers Workshop. Our elementary buildings, grades k-6, started this implementation last year, while our secondary buildings are making the transition this school year. This past Parent-Teacher conference looked a little different in the K-6 ELA and Math as our staff shared with parents where their students are based on standards and not a grade. This is a significant change based on our history and one that I believe will be more beneficial for our students and parents. This change was a product of best practices in particular grade levels (K-6) and one driven by our new curriculum in Math and ELA. We have had positive feedback, along with some concerns on this transition, but overall in year one it appears to be a positive transition. Also, I would like to put a big thank you out there to all our staff who have been working extremely hard to implement these changes and looking at things from a different lens. The impact of change is difficult for all but when everyone starts rowing in the same direction things are much smoother. Also, thank you to parents for their patience with this transition.
Many of our projects from the 2018 Bond campaign have been completed and are in the wrap up stages with punch items being finished in our new spaces. We would like to invite anyone interested in looking at our new spaces at the high school to come visit at Open House on December 2. We will be providing tours on that day after our Professional Development. We have not set the times, but we are looking at early evening for those tours. Our winter sports programs have started and practices and classes have been using our new auxiliary gym and new weight room. These are two of the new areas the public will see during our winter sports seasons. Please take time to come visit if your schedule allows.
Go Roosters! Go Chicks! Go Pleasant Hill!
Steven Meyers, Ed.D.

Latest News

April 3 Communication - Superintendent News

As we wrap up our 13th day of not being in session it is amazing the turbulent amount of information that has been shared, changed, shared again and then reconsidered by all the experts. The best example I can share is the one with do we or don't we wear masks. The CDC and WHO both stated quite clearly two weeks ago that this was a waste as healthy individuals did not need to take that precaution. Today, we have Los Angeles and New York asking all individuals to wear masks for their own safety and the safety of others. Missouri will break the 2000 confirmed cases by the end of the week and more than likely have at least 20 deaths. These numbers are a long ways from some of the losses being felt in other areas of our country. Please stay calm and continue working with your students, as this affects everyone in different ways.

Parental Communication for Print Material Pick-up

While none of us know what the next few weeks will bring for our community, we want to be proactive and provide materials for students to last throughout the rest of the school year, just in case we are not able to return to normal. We want to make print materials available in one pick-up, rather than having families continually return to school every couple of weeks.